Brilliant Bonding

Brilliant Bonding is my passion because it gives people with hair loss the ability to live their lives without compromise. It is why I started an education program to help stylists and wig shops build their businesses by offering this service.

But what do we do if our client struggling with hair loss isn’t ready to have something adhered to their head or if they cannot afford to commit to bonding? I still want to help them!

Hair loss is highly emotional and it’s often a giant leap of faith for someone to come in for a consultation to discuss options. I want every client to have the best human hair possible, but sometimes they aren’t ready or they cannot afford to take that step. For this reason, I can discuss and show clients various options that would work.

In our studio, we recommend trichology if the hair loss is in the beginning stages, or if the client has telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, or an oily or dry scalp. I let them know that if they begin with alternative hair, they may always want to wear hair because of the look. Trichology is a good option to avoid alternative hair for a little longer.

We also have a variety of daily wear toppers and wigs that can be removed at night. We carry a range of sizes, including small top of the head clip ins to 3/4 caps to full wigs and we make sure to have petite, average, and large sizes on hand. We also carry a variety of hair fibers from classic synthetic to virgin human hair and a range of hair lengths.

We feel it’s helpful to have samples to show clients what is available and then we can order a ready-made or custom system. We explain all the differences and clients are appreciative. This also helps us retain clients for years. Some will start with a clip in and as their hair loss progresses, they move to long hair bonding with a custom-made virgin human hair system.

This works well for our studio. We are able to develop relationships with people experiencing hair thinning or loss, and they also refer their friends. Our clients are grateful to have an option that makes them feel confident. We continue to support them as their journey with hair loss progresses.